Serious Space Screensaver

Serious Space Screensaver

Free screensaver containing 25 of the most beautiful locations in the galaxy

Would you like to visit outer space?
Maybe becoming an astronaut and visit the far away corners of our galaxy, the Milky Way?
Serious Space Screensaver will bring the galaxy to your desktop.

This excellent screensaver will put you “in the driver’s seat” of a spaceship and take you on a journey to space.
But don’t worry; this will not be the usual “fly around the Earth and other planets of our solar system” trip.
You will go beyond our system to visit the outskirts of our galaxy.
Now you will be able to see the real stuff of space.

You will be traveling among millions of stars and planets. At moments you will see a meteor or some other moving object passing by you or at the distance.
On the other side, there is something shiny and very weird, resembling a cloud of some kind.
After a while, a group of planets shine so bright that it’s almost blinding.
Serious Space Screensaver contains 25 high quality photographs of the confines of the Milky Way.
Each image is really awesome. I saw some things that I had never seen before in space photographs, and I am an avid fan of space.

You will surely discover a lot of new things about space for hours.
Just remember that after some time you have to go back to work.

Fernando Soni
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